What Can a Scammer Do with Your Driver’s License Number?

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Someone makes off with either the actual license or a copy of it in digital or photographic form. An identity thief can gain direct access to your full name, driver’s license number, birth date, and other personal information by obtaining a photocopy of your driver’s license or a driver’s license itself.

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In the event of a data breach or exposure, the license number is made public. Since 2017, a data breach or failure to appropriately safeguard a database has exposed the driver’s license information of more than 150 million United States drivers. Visit the data breach tracking tool notified maintained by the ITRC for additional details regarding these data occurrences. In some instances, it is utilized to fabricate fraudulent identification documents. 

In other instances, it is used as a form of identity, frequently in conjunction with other items of personally identifiable information (PII), in order to open new accounts, avoid traffic violations, or even elude legal procedures.

What Can Someone Do with Your Driver’s license  Number?

1. Your ID Can Be Sold on The Dark Web

Scammers always have the option of selling your identification and making quick cash if they don’t want to use it themselves. People whose licenses have been revoked or suspended due to a DUI or DWI can benefit greatly from possessing a valid driver’s license.

The practice of selling stolen personal data on the dark web is one of the most popular forms of identity theft. In addition, criminals who already have active warrants can adopt a new identity by purchasing driver’s licenses that have been stolen. On the dark web, information regarding stolen identities may be purchased for a startlingly low price. On the dark web, stolen driver’s licenses may be purchased for as little as twenty dollars each.

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2. Driver’s license  Fraud

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To obtain a valid driver’s license or identification card, it is possible for a person to commit the crime of driver’s license fraud if they use forged identification documents or steal the identity of another person. 

This occurs when an individual does not meet the requirements to obtain a legitimate license. An undocumented immigrant or a person whose license has been revoked or suspended is most likely the perpetrator of fraudulent activity on a driver’s license.

3. Create Fake IDs Using Your License  Number

If fraudsters want to construct a false identification card that they may use instead of their own, all they need is your driver’s license number and not the entire license itself. This is a slightly different scheme than driver’s license fraud.

If they are arrested for an outstanding warrant and are held by law enforcement, a background check will be performed on your identification (which is likely to have a clean history), rather than on theirs. When the arrest warrant does not appear in the background check, the criminals will be able to avoid being taken into custody.

If criminals are stopped for a traffic violation and use your identification to get away, law enforcement will put the charges on your driving record rather than the record of the person who committed the traffic infraction. Therefore, you will be responsible for paying any traffic tickets that are issued to you and clear your name in court.

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    How Can You Tell If Someone Has Access to Your Driver’s License Number?

    Drivers License Form

    The majority of victims are not aware that their personal information has been utilized until they submit an application for a new or renewed license, request a background check, or are informed of this by law authorities. Take the following steps if you have any reason to believe that the information on your license has been misused:

    1. Ask for Your Official Driving Record

    You should get a copy of your driving record from the state department that issues licences, and then look it over for anything that looks questionable. The majority of states require a nominal payment before releasing the report.

    2. Ask for Your Credit Reports

    You should get a copy of your credit report by contacting the three major credit reporting agencies (CRAs), and you should do this regularly to check that no unknown accounts have been opened in your name.

    3. Review Recent Background Checks or Request A New One

    When you apply for a job, you have the legal right, as outlined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), to receive a copy of any background check that was carried out by a third-party organization. You need to inquire with the representative of Human Resources in order to obtain the background screening company’s contact information.

    If you have not had a background check done in a while, you should think about getting in touch with a trustworthy background check business so that you may perform a self-check to search for issues such as having the wrong employers, having false criminal charges, having debt collections, and so on.

    Key Takeaways!

    If someone has stolen your identity, the first thing you need to do to restore it is to go online to the website of the department of motor vehicles in your state and follow the instructions there to file a report that your identity has been lost or stolen. 

    Thieves who steal identities won’t be able to use your license as their own or get another one issued in your name if you take this precaution.

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