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In this massive technological world, as success rates and earning opportunities increase along with them, the ways of scams increase too. It is unfortunate that now we just don’t have to worry about how we should earn money, but we also have to think about how to save our money from all kinds of scams. 

There are a lot of scams that happen to people daily. Regularly, someone thinks about suicide because he got bankrupted by these scammers. These scammers spread all over the world, and most of the scam cases are online. Online scamming is much easier, and these scammers find new and unimaginable ways to scam people.

Paypal Scams Target an Innocent Individual

Online scams have a long list. But the most active scam is the Paypal scam, Bitcoin scams, CFB trading scams, Investment scams, Romance scams, Forex scams, and many others. Every person who earns money should be aware of these scams and these scammers because precaution is better than cure. 

But if anyone got scammed by any kind, luckily, Global Payback is expert in money recovery from all sorts of scams. A few days back, we got a case of a young boy named Shen Musk, aged 20. He lives in China, studies at Gansu Open University, and works part-time at Gansu Museum Coffee Cafe. 

His friend referred him because he got scammed by a fake PayPal account. He said he ordered the cafe’s cutlery from an online shopping page for the restaurant where he works. His company gave him $5000 for new utensils, and he paid to that page through his PayPal account. But a month has passed, and the online shopping page does not respond. 

He was crying while telling us his story because he was so worried and afraid of his company for the sake of his job. He said he is a student and earns money to support his educational expenses by working part-time. He is an honest worker of the company, but now the company’s $5000 is missing, and the company would claim that money from him if the cash or cutlery doesn’t arrive at the Cafe in a month.

How does Global Payback save An Innocent Student’s Career and Job?

Global Payback completely understands the challenges in victim’s life, and we only don’t do business; we help innocent people live good lives. After listening to that innocent boy’s story, our specialist received all relevant information, including documents, screenshots, and account details. 

As it is a grave matter and at stake, we had this boy’s career, so our team worked day and night to track that online shopping page so we could recover that money. After a struggle for a week, we tracked that page with the help of FCA. The Government authority banned that online shopping page, and we got money recovered in 18 days. 

Shen Musk got relieved when he handed 500 dollars to his company back. In this way, the boy’s job and career are saved by Global Payback.

Key Takeaways!

Before ordering anything online, just ensure that online scams are active everywhere. It could happen to anyone, and it could destroy people’s lives

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