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Come, let’s get rich! Yes, we know it sounds tempting, and you may find it attractive to invest in the new digital monetary mechanisms known as a cryptocurrency because come on, who would want to miss a chance of getting extremely rich? However, one should know that yes, they come with many benefits but also a significant risk of forgery and hacking. Take the company Coin Check as an example; you must have heard about it, right? You probably would have if you are a cryptocurrency fan and are interested in money or digital currencies. In simple words, it deals with bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange in Japan. Unfortunately, they became the victim of one of the worst cyberattacks. It is said to be one of the most significant losses experienced by the cryptocurrency market. The company had to go through a lot during this challenging time, like halting its operations and modifying its entire customer-facing application portfolio. Also, to avoid such storms striking ever again in the future, they had to develop strategies that could help save the machine data. Insane! 

Thus, shedding some light on cryptocurrency itself, it is different from a credit card or other methods. It refers to any type of digital or virtual property that uses encryption to secure transactions. Cryptocurrencies use a decentralized mechanism to log transactions and issue new units rather than relying on a central issuing or regulatory authority—for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and other genuine cryptocurrencies. However, one should know that payments made through it are not reversible. Once you have paid, the amount has gone. Therefore, before you make the payment, it is essential to research the seller as much as possible. Where he is located, his contact, and especially the customer reviews. Nevertheless, it is also true that no matter how much you try to protect yourself, some information about your transaction will always be public. Transaction details are recorded on a ‘blockchain,’ a general list of all receipts and payments. It could include your address, which can identify you in the future. Thus, when investing, you need to confirm they’re blockchain. 

Cryptocurrency is the future! However, scams are everywhere online, even if it’s a cryptocurrency scam. In fact, in the first nine months of 2021, there was a loss of around £146 to the fraud. According to Chainalysis, a research firm, cyber gangs received at least $350 million in cryptocurrency ransoms in 2020, including DarkSide, the group that shut down the Colonial Pipeline earlier this month. On the other hand, every bitcoin transaction is recorded on an immutable blockchain, which leaves a clear trail for anyone with technical understanding. By now, you must be wondering whom even to trust then? The answer is to research reputable firms and avoid those who have been blacklisted. To caution you away from working with such intermediaries, we’ve compiled a blacklist of crypto brokers to help you avoid becoming involved with them. Please keep in mind that this rating is updated on a regular basis, and new banned brokers are added all the time. The malicious banned brokers are detailed in our article, along with the reasons for their inclusion. There are, however, many others, which is why one can never be too cautious. New traders may be intimidated by the trading sector, especially given the numerous scam brokers that exist, but by conducting comprehensive research, traders can avoid becoming victims of intricate schemes that could endanger a significant chunk of their wealth. Some of the firms with the dirtiest track record are AbacusFXPro, AbaigarInvestment, Abeonacoin,  AbilityFX, Absolute Global Markets, Auditchain, Babybakery, and Baby Casper. Wondering how they got blacklisted and how much did they steal? This article is all about it. Let’s begin reading!

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Abacus FX Pro

People have been drawn to the trend of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the forex market as the influence of information technology has grown. Unfortunately, brokers sometimes wind up being scammers in their quest to be the best in the foreign exchange market and attain rapid success and popularity. Yes, they have advantages, but they also carry a great danger of forgery and scamming. In fact, scammers have become more prevalent in the financial market. These con artists hide behind respectable brokerage businesses, waiting for their victims. Customers are duped into thinking they are trading with a legitimate organization because of enticing bonuses and irresistible offers. In order to accomplish this, scam brokers may take the registration numbers of real businesses. In this article, we’ll first look into Abacus Fx Pro and discover the massive fraud going on behind their backs. Abacus FX Pro, with headquarters in London, United Kingdom, is a group of Foreign Exchange specialists providing tangible and tested solutions for businesses, institutions & individuals impacted by currency volatility.

Initially, they promised several things to their clients. For example, businesses, organizations, and individuals dealing with currency volatility can turn to Abacus FX for practical and tried-and-true solutions. They offer a variety of products and credit and cost-effective prices. Beyond that, appropriateness and efficacy are prioritized over the use of sophisticated items. The company mentions that ‘should your business need to make mass or bulk payments, whether it’s hundreds or even thousands of payments, we provide a simple integrated technology solution to execute your payment run in minutes. Our wide range of intelligent technology means that we have the solution whatever your requirement’. Despite all this, currently, this brokerage no longer accepts new traders due to a rise in their scam cases. Want to know why? Read below! 

Is Abacus FX Pro a legit company or a scam? 

Abacus FX Pro is a complete and total rip-off. While there are many legal brokers out there that traders can trust, many others are deemed to be fraud brokers for a variety of reasons, like Abacus FX Pro Limited, and should be avoided if you want to keep your trading funds safe. These scam brokers have displayed scam characteristics such as warnings from well-known regulatory bodies, mimicking the websites of other reputable brokers, non-regulation, illegitimate bonuses and withdrawal terms, and so on. If you are already trading with this broker, you should withdraw your funds immediately!

abacus fx

Why was it blacklisted? 

Abacus Fx Pro was blacklisted for a variety of reasons. For instance, its website indicates that company headquarters are in London. However, no mention of a license could be found elsewhere. Furthermore, after contacting all of the regulators, it was discovered that top-tier agencies do not regulate abacus Group Co Limited. This was the first warning sign that the Abacus FX pro scam was on its way out.

As the name implies, minimum deposits are frequently required in small sums. Legitimate brokers typically ask for tiny sums of money, such as $5 or $10. On the other hand, scam brokers always demand large amounts to steal an enormous sum of money as a minimum deposit. Abacus FX Pro required a $500 minimum deposit, which is a significant sum when compared to the industry average of $5. Various account kinds also required different deposits. A minimum deposit of $500 to $7500 was needed for the starter account, while a deposit of $7500 to $20000 was required for the silver account. A minimum deposit of $20000 to $100000 was required for the third account, Gold Account. Another red flag was raised against the corporation. Lastly, in addition to not being regulated, Abacus Group Co Limited has been banned by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom. Yet, another and the most significant red flag for all the investors out there.

Hence, if the Abacus Fx Pro has done the following, you are probably one of their victims.

  • The broker froze your account
  • The broker blocked your account
  • You cannot login back into your account
  • Money has been taken out from the account
  • The broker doesn’t take your calls
  • The broker shut down his website
  • You noticed the broker took money out from your bank account without your permission
  • The broker is offering you a bonus
  • The broker offers you to fund more money into the account after you lose a large sum

Lost money to online fraud? We will recover your funds !

    We only process cases of more than $5000

    What do people have to say? 

    People have a lot of negative comments when it comes to Abacus FX Pro. A person named Nick shared his story of investing $400 in his one-month trading. He called Abacus FX Pro scam brokers who just convince people to put in their real money, and once one loses their money, they just keep making bonus programs as a chance to win it back. The same was done to him when they called him continuously to make more deposits. According to Nick, they do it in a casino, a total scam! One of the clients, Colin, mentioned that he funded his account with USD9,000 and made a profit of $400. Abacus FX Pro analysts told him to open an oil position with all the money he had invested because apparently, the investor was so sure about oil appreciation in the future. However, what happened was precisely the opposite of what was promised. The oil depreciated, and he lost everything while the broker won. Moreover, Abacus FX Pro is known to block accounts when clients’ balances increase.

    In another case, Amirah mentions she has been hoping to withdraw her profits of $360 for the last month, but Abacus FX Pro did not pay the money. She says that initially, they offered support with the ‘line thing’ but later blamed her for not providing them with all the support documents. Unbelievable!

    How to remain safe from Abacus FX Pro?

    It is recommended that before people try to invest in companies like Abacus FX Pro, they look deeper into their investment objectives, financial condition, and risk-bearing extent so that they know how much they can afford to lose. Scammers can be so clever and persuasive that they get detailed information from your social media accounts. Be aware! Like what Abacus FX Pro did, they can give their investment a legal name promising considerable profits in the short run by investing in them. Victims of such companies lose hundreds and thousands of dollars because they fall into the trap due to their lack of experience.

    Even if Abacus FX Pro promised to convey what it pledged, people should have realized that trading in cryptocurrency has never been without any risks and requires much attention and research. Thus, they should have acquainted themselves with all these risks and invested with the help of a financial advisor.

    Lastly, detecting if it’s a crypto scam is not so hard. For example, know that it’s a scam if someone says you have to keep depositing money. The principle behind such scams is to gain individual private information such as security codes or manipulate someone to send money into their accounts. People often become victims on social media if they see a tweet or text that says to invest. It is even posted by celebrities and the people you follow, which makes you think it’s true when in reality, their accounts have been hacked!  So many criminal activities happening worldwide are a result of the Crypto Trade. As mentioned above, about $350 million was lost to scammers. It is never too late to learn. You can always protect yourself and your loved ones before investing research on the company’s location, license, and regulation policies. Feedback and reviews of clients can be helpful.

    Some More Common Red flags! 

    • The broker forces you to make deposits again and again.
    • The broker’s website is a clone of another legitimate broker’s website. They copy content and design exactly.
    • When you want to withdraw your money, the broker does not allow you to do so.
    • The broker is not regulated by any known and established authorized holding authority.
    • The broker suddenly closed its website and did not pick up your call.
    • Your account was frozen all of a sudden.
    • The broker pulls out money from your account without asking you.
    • Bonuses and trading conditions offered ultimately end in scams.
    • The broker has received warnings from known regulating authorities like FCA, ASIC, CySec, etc.

    To summarize all that has been discussed so far, we can confidently conclude that Abacus FX Pro is a total rip. When dealing with a broker, you must constantly have faith in them. It’s crucial to know whether a broker is reputable or not, and Funds Trace may assist you with this. Avoiding fraud brokers like Abacus FX Pro and reading reviews on them is critical because even if you trade with the best trading tactics and knowledge, a fraud broker can cause you to lose all of your profits. So, unfortunately, if you’ve been duped by the Abacus FX Pro scam broker and aren’t sure how to get your money back, Funds Trace can be of great help!

    Lost money to online fraud? We will recover your funds !

      We only process cases of more than $5000

      Abeona Coin

      You’ll be surprised to learn that one in every six Australians already owns cryptocurrency, thanks to the surging popularity of crypto and bitcoin. As a result, according to the holdings, the entire value of cryptocurrency is $8 billion. However, unfortunately, there are many unprofessional and dishonest platforms like Abeona Coin in today’s Crypto market. Abeona Coin is a binary options broker founded in the UK in 2014, giving an intuitive and unique way to enter the financial market as a rookie in the field of binary options trading. Abeonacoin, like most brokers in the sector, offers the popular MetaTrader 4 platform.

      This online Forex trading broker offers currency trading instructions. Traders who want to try automatic trading should use the Abeonacoin platform, as this forex broker is linked to Binary Options Robot, an automated binary solution. Traders who pick this broker get access to Forex, CFDs, and binary options trading through a multi-level trading platform and the ability to utilize the broker on mobile devices. Moreover, the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission regulates the broker, which offers investors a comprehensive trading environment that includes amazing assets, platforms, trading options, and market options that may please a wide range of traders, from novices to specialists.

      Is Abeona Coin a legit platform? 

      Do not assume Abeonacoin is legitimate simply because you were greeted by a polite chatbot when you first visited the site or because the broker paid you much attention in the first few weeks. Yes, we agree that when a person invests or trades, they want to ensure they are on a safe platform using a reputable company. However, Abeona Coin is wholly unreliable and blacklisted due to the growing number of scams they’ve done. There is a list of complaints saying that they scam people. Some of the popular reasons are that they never allow you to withdraw your earned money and lie about giving free money, which all scammers do. Talking about the current situation, the biggest scam of the decade, Binary Options Trading on the platform, has been stopped; however, clients from other parts of the world are allowed to register. Thank God the Abeona scam got exposed, or it would have affected the Crypto world greatly!

      abeoana coin

      Why was it blacklisted? 

      In some Forex trading scams, the fraudulent broker will only provide their own platform, which may or may not be genuine. Try customer service when investigating a broker case, but bear in mind that even rogue brokers might appear friendly and helpful at first, only to reveal their true colors later. Now, one of the main reasons why Abeona Coin gained so much controversy was that they are not regulated.  The FCA generally advises UK customers not to invest with this broker; hence Abeona Coin does not have an FCA license. Even worse is that the UK FCA, Australia ASIC, and Cyprus CySEC have all placed Abeona Coin on their alert lists, indicating that the broker is not regulated.

      Apart from this, Abeonacoin hides most of the trading conditions and raises suspicion. For example, the broker’s trading interface should be simple to use and intuitive enough for traders to access their accounts and trade rapidly. The trading platform should be highly easy and user-friendly to assist consumers with daily transactions. A sophisticated trading platform with advanced analytical tools and cutting-edge foreign exchange technology is required of the broker. A good broker should be regulated and have a solid reputation, good trading conditions, and good customer service. Clearly, Abeonacoin performed none of the above and cannot even be considered a broker but rather a foreign exchange market scam.

      Some brokers offer various trading items, while others focus on a single topic, such as foreign exchange. Traders should only trade with well-regulated and reputed brokers (such as those in the United Kingdom or Australia). Please make sure that whatever trading items you find in the Abeonacoin reviews have gotten authority to trade the products they offer.

      24Options has violated so many regulations. People’s funds are not safe due to a lack of knowledge and an uncontrolled Abeonacoin. According to estimates, certain Abeonacoin users have defrauded millions of people. In fact, If the broker no longer provides communication methods such as email, phone, text messaging, and chat and has a support team that does not appear to understand the trade or is evasively asking certain questions, this could be a sign of a scam or at the very least a low-quality broker, as was, unfortunately, the case with Abeona Coin. In conclusion, regardless of Abeonacoin’s trading circumstances, it is not recommended that you trade with it because it is unregulated and could be a hoax. Abeonacoin has the potential to cause significant losses to its customers. Hence it is a potential liar, in our opinion.

      abeona coin for travel

      What do people have to say?

      Many Abeonacoin reviews are complaining about bad customer service after the initial deposit. While these platforms would be useful in the hands of other brokers, Abeonacoin engages in unlawful trading, and traders have difficulty withdrawing funds. These account possibilities may appear appealing, but Abeonacoin trading is nothing more than a fraud. The majority of the trading conditions are hidden by Abeonacoin, which raises doubts. Also, many people said that on its website, Abeonacoin claims to follow KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations and standards. However, the Forex broker does not have the necessary FCA license to do so. How unfortunate!? Many rogue brokers impose exorbitant withdrawal costs that do not include service fees. They allow you to draw minor conclusions after you invest in raising your confidence, but it will be practically impossible to recover your investment in the long term. Consumers often believe investment scams can’t target them because they don’t have a lot of money, to begin with, according to Doug Schadel, the lead researcher for the AARP’s Fraud Watch Network.

      One of the clients lost up to $10 million. It was all he had, and it depressed him so much that he was about to commit suicide. In another instance, one client spoke about how she could never recover her money worth $6500 from the platform. Another horrific incident was when a scammer from Abeonacoin manipulated a client into acquiring a lot of money through loans to later steal it from him. From his account, the company transferred it to another account in Poland to buy bitcoin in a fund created from the client’s name. Similarly, the company placed fake trades to a client’s account that had around $20k in it. 20k freaking dollars!! His withdrawal email disappeared out of nowhere. Lastly, in his review, Simon, a potential client of Abeoncoin, called it the worst trading platform. He says ‘the worst trading platform, and they just ripped off $2 million from my account. When asked why they did it, the explanation was that my account had been inactive for one month’. Surprisingly, they do this on purpose and bring changes to the platform without getting it under the notice of poor clients.  

      Conclusively, it is for sure that the Abeoncoin Scam resulted in many investors losing their money. This is why it’s crucial to read more about Abeonacoin before registering, sending money, or submitting any papers. Use this evaluation to help you make trade decisions and to learn more about Abeonacoin. Use this evaluation to help you make trade decisions and to learn more about Abeonacoin. If you have been a victim of a scam, the only way to help accentuate the process is to take the help of a recovery firm and ignore the fact that Abeoncoin promised to get you your money back. If they had to, they would have returned by now. Watch out! 

      one holding a 50 dollar bill and a bitcoin for another

      Absolute Global Markets

      Absolute Global Markets, or AGMarkets, was a Swiss broker that started trading CFDs in currencies, commodities, indices, equities, and metals in 2019. Because it operates outside of any authority and little is known about its exact location, traders should be cautious before signing up with them. Their website has changed several times, first with and then moving to However, after being blacklisted, a login website is still available at Investors can use the Status web-based CFD trading platform, which is user-friendly and straightforward. The industry-standard MT4 desktop trading platform is also available for download. The default MT4 Android and Apple apps are available. Forex Major, Forex Minor, FX Exotic, Crypto, Metals, Commodities, Indices, and World Shares are among the underlying assets accessible for CFD trading. The spread on BTC was $80, and the margin rates were 1:1. The minimum deposit for a trading account at AGMarkets is $100, and they accept payments using Naspay.

      A scam or a legit company? 

      The FCA, the UK’s most trusted regulatory body, has identified Absolute Global Markets as a potentially dangerous platform (The Financial Conduct Authority). As a result, the firm operates without a valid financial regulatory license. Other than that, the FMA advises caution when dealing with Absolute Global Marketing and their website, Absolute Global Marketing is not an incorporated company in New Zealand and is not registered on the FSPR. Absolute Global Marketing representatives have been cold contacting New Zealand residents, gathering personal information, and encouraging them to invest in Bitcoin. They’re using the personal data they’ve gathered to make unauthorized withdrawals from people’s accounts. This looks suspicious! 

      Why was it blacklisted?

      AGM has been described as a trader who promises heaven to the clients but delivers nothing less than hell. To begin with, the website provides very little corporate information. The broker refused to reveal the actual firm behind their actions, despite the site providing a physical address in New Zealand. Second, its terms and conditions declared that they operate under Bulgarian laws rather than New Zealand legislation. This suggests that AGMarkets does not even obey government policies. In addition to this data, the broker has been placed on the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority’s warning list (FINMA). They also work with websites that offer “Automated trading software,” which is another red flag, as these kinds of websites are notoriously famous for scamming schemes.

      AGMarkets does not have a legitimate license from official financial authorities to hold its services, and it merely wants to defraud its customers.

      Why isn’t it recommended to trade on it?

      Easy Start, Trader, Pro Trader, Premium, Lux, and Royal are the six account types offered by AGMarkets. Naturally, rates vary for each account, with the first three options ranging from $250 to $5,000 dollars and the latter from $20,000 to $100,000 dollars. While there are significant price changes, they aren’t necessarily suspicious. Users will see that some of the accounts offer the same benefits if they study each one carefully. The $100,000 account, in fact, offers the same characteristics as the $5,000 account. Furthermore, the platform claims to use the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform, but the account is provided by a third party working under Pentacle Group Ltd., which is another offshore broker operating under the name Chrono FM, which is regarded as a scam broker.

      DDoS defense and SSL encryption were also lacking. Both of these factors indicate that the platform is extremely unreliable. Because of the absence of protection, investors are vulnerable to hackers who can take control of their accounts and steal personal information. Thus, based on our findings, we feel traders would be better off looking for another broker with whom to deposit their hard-earned money.

      What do clients have to say?

      Investing money is a significant undertaking. You not only entrust your money to a broker, but you also entrust your data to them. A predatory scam broker can steal both your money and personal information in many circumstances. It’s critical to exercise caution and avoid any trading broker who raises severe concerns. A large number of AGM complaints warrant strong warnings that they may have or can steal your personal information. If you’re looking for a broker, cross ABSOLUTE GLOBAL MARKETS off your list and go with a fully regulated, licensed broker.

      In fact, clients said they have never experienced a worse broker than AGM. According to one, they bombarded him with constant re-quotes on opening trades and slippage on trades execution. He says none of his seven transactions were closed on time; when he contacted the customer care department, they decided to convince him that there was a problem on his end and perhaps he had a low-speed internet connection.

      Robbie explains her experience in the following words. ‘Absolute Global Markets scammed me. I currently have a balance of 5000 USD in my trading account, but they won’t let me withdraw it. I have tried to contact my broker, Alex Green (I doubt that’s his actual name), and AGM, but they won’t respond. I wanted to withdraw the full amount because I found out that they were an unregulated trading company that was scamming people. My broker sent me an email telling me the billing department would call me, so the lady on the phone rang me and told me I had to pay a commission which was 13%, to withdraw the full amount. So I paid the 600 USD thinking that they would give me a receipt and that I would get my money back, but since then, I have received nothing, no emails, no phone calls, and most importantly, no money. AGM is a complete scam. Whatever you do, do not deposit money into AGM.’


      AGM & red flags

      If AGM has done any of the following, you may be a victim of an AGM scam:

      • Refuses to return money
      • Adds withdrawal fees and/or tax
      • Does not reveal an address on their site,
      • Does not show an AGM company name in the T&C
      • Does not have Terms and conditions 
      • Charges random AGM fees that were not agreed upon
      • Has a fake AGM trading platform
      • Makes unauthorized AGM trades
      • Refuses to execute on customer’s requested actions
      • Does not communicate or answer correspondence
      • Claims to have credentials or AGMregulation it does not have
      • Has blocked your AGM account or has made it difficult to log in
      • Offers a bonus with exceptional leverage
      • Pressures you to make additional AGM trades after a big loss
      • Takes an aggressive tone when requesting an AGM withdrawal

      How to remain safe from this company?

      Overall, AGMarkets is another unregistered broker whose sole objective is to defraud traders. In its own platform, a legitimate, professional brokerage firm should be able to exercise openness, consistency, and expert support. While AGMarkets can assure investors that they are a trustworthy broker, their shady services and disregard for those they steal from clearly indicate that there are numerous platforms to pick from, including theirs. Finding a broker company that meets your needs is an arduous task in today’s world. Before investing in companies like AGM, one is considered to read as many reviews and feedback as possible. It is recommended that before people try to invest in companies like AGM, they look deeper into their investment objectives, financial condition, and risk-bearing extent so that they know how much they can afford to lose. 

      Scammers can be so clever and persuasive that they get detailed information from your social media accounts. Be aware! Victims of such companies lose hundreds and thousands of dollars because they fall into the trap due to their lack of experience. Even if AGM promised to convey what they pledged, people should have realized that trading in Crypto markets has never been without any risks and requires much attention and research. Thus, they should have acquainted themselves with all these risks and invested with the help of a financial advisor. It is never too late to learn. You can always protect yourself and your loved ones before investing research on the company’s location, license, and regulation policies.

      Lost money to online fraud? We will recover your funds !

        We only process cases of more than $5000

        Adrenaline Coin

        Kevin Tuohy is the owner and president of Adrenaline Challenge Coins, a company based in the United States. It’s a cutting-edge financial company that focuses on creating A.I. robots for bitcoin trading. Like many other reputable brokers, Adrenaline Coin offers a variety of account types to meet the needs of different types of traders, from novices to professionals. The broker is regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, and it provides investors with a comprehensive trading environment that contains incredible assets, platforms, trading options, and market options that may appeal to a wide spectrum of traders, from beginners to experts.

        Is Adrenaline Coin a legit company? 

        Although Adrenaline was founded in 2018, it is currently not traded on any exchanges. Because it is a fraud or has other issues, Adrenaline has been put on the list of dead coins.

        Why was it blacklisted? 

        The company must follow all of the FCA’s laws and regulations. This implies they can’t charge exorbitant brokerage costs or charge customers to acquire a loan that they approve. The broker is caught breaking the rules and regulations of the government. Adrenaline Coin was discovered to be operating under questionable and unethical conditions due to its regulatory standing and ambiguous terms of service. Users should avoid dealing with this firm and contact them right away to get their money back if they have already done so. In addition to this, there have been allegations of issues withdrawing funds from Adrenaline Coin on the network. Traders may be charged a fee of up to 2.6 percent if withdrawals are required without trading.

        The standard foreign exchange deposit minimum is $250. Many other unregulated brokers, on the other hand, require smaller deposits. These deposit costs are unaffected by the Adrenaline Coin fraud. Worse, the bronze account’s minimum deposit allows you to use more trustworthy and licensed foreign exchange brokers for further services. Although these account options appear enticing, Adrenaline Coin trading is a pure scam. Customers have been defrauded by several unauthorized brokers, including Adrenaline Coin. Clients of certain fraudulent brokers are limited to their own platform, which may or may not be legitimate. Adrenaline Coin engages in illegal trading, and traders have problems withdrawing funds. You might not be able to determine straight away whether Adrenaline Coin is the type that won’t let you withdraw money once you’ve opened an account and made money. If Adrenaline Coin wishes to keep your money, it may try to force you to do another transaction when you request a withdrawal. They might even argue that some withdrawal fees are mandated by municipal taxation. Hence, due to a lack of expertise and an unregulated Adrenaline Coin, funds are not safe with them.

        Why isn’t it recommended to trade on it?

        Everything will always be presented in the most professional manner on the broker’s official website. On their website, you will find the best services and the most amazing features. However, as soon as you begin working with the broker, things begin to turn ugly. When the broker starts causing problems, you begin to fear that you will lose your money. The most effective way to avoid this situation is to spend some time reading the Adrenaline Coin reviews, which may assist you in making the best decision possible. 

        What do people have to say?

        Traders that are interested in working with Adrenaline Coin should research the Adrenaline Coin concerns that other traders and investors have had. Some traders have reported that the Adrenaline Coin broker charges them a hefty commission if they switch brokers. Investors have complained that Adrenaline Coin has refused to refund their money. Some investors have expressed dissatisfaction, claiming that despite making payments, their loans have not progressed and that no mortgage specialist has stepped forward to assist them in resolving their issues. Apart from this, some investors have reported that they cannot contact the company’s support personnel after multiple tries. They claim that no response is received from them when they try to contact them via email or by visiting their website. This isn’t a promising sign. ‘ Investors have complained about being unable to transfer money from their Adrenaline Coin account to their bank account before withdrawing their funds. It’s also crucial for traders to recognize whether it’s real or not. As a result, they wind up losing all of their hard-earned cash.

        Another clue that someone is dishonest or attempting to overcharge you for their services is this. Some traders have stated that Adrenaline Coin has issued several false and misleading disclaimers. This signifies that the company’s website has no disclaimers at all. Traders have expressed their dissatisfaction with the website’s authenticity. This is one of the most serious complaints, and it should be addressed right away. Some traders claim that Adrenaline Coin has never been able to help them and that trusting such a broker is pointless. Some brokers specialize in one area, such as foreign exchange, while others offer a wide range of trading items. Many high-quality brokers’ proprietary systems can give an exceptional trading experience. If, on the other hand, the broker no longer provides communication methods such as email, phone, SMS, and chat, and there is a support team that does not appear to understand the transaction or avoids asking certain questions, this could be a sign that the broker is a scam or at the very least a low-quality broker. Also, many people have complained about how bad the customer service was after the initial withdrawal.

        girl attorney

        Red flags to look out for before you invest in Adrenaline Coin

        • If your Adrenaline Coin account has been frozen
        • If your bank account has been debited for the amount specified
        • If the Adrenaline Coin website has been taken down 
        • If Adrenaline Coin is not picking up the phone to take your calls
        • If you have become aware that Adrenaline Coin has taken money from your bank account without your permission, and as a result, Adrenaline Coin is providing you with an incentive
        • If It is important to remember that an unexpected communication has been received, and you cannot determine who or from where it originated
        • If there is a request in the communication for you to complete a task, such as attempting to obtain your personal information
        • If the communication contains spelling and grammatical errors
        • If the communication contains a suspicious link or attachment, which you are urged to click on if the communication creates a sense of urgency for you to act immediately

        Conclusively, while all investment has the same risk for everyone, some experts believe that bitcoin is one of the riskier investment options currently accessible. Consider investing in cryptocurrencies only after performing extensive research and avoiding scams like Adrenaline Coin. If you decide to proceed, make sure you finish your homework first.


        The bitcoin broker 0Chain is based in the United Kingdom. It provides customers with automatic cryptocurrency mining as well as an eWallet. The Hyperledger and Ethereum blockchain platforms are used to create it. Its official website contains no information other than the names of its creators, Saswata Basu and Tom Austin. Such anonymity instills a lot of dread, and because of many reasons like these, it was added to the list of defunct coins.

        Is 0Chain legit or a scam? 

        Located in the United Kingdom, 0Chain is an online bitcoin blockchain and eWallet service. On its website or in its white paper, it makes no mention of where it operates. The broker claims to be associated with significant organizations but fails to show any evidence that 0Chain has been called a scam on multiple websites. There was also no evidence of valid registration. In our perspective, 0Chain is a potential bitcoin fraud broker. For the safety and security of trader funds, it is recommended that traders avoid 0Chain.

        Scams involving cryptocurrency 0chain coins are on the rise as the popularity of digital currencies grows. Following the debut of digital currency just over a decade ago, 0chain coin scams have become a terrible reality. 0chain was created as a decentralized alternative to traditional banking. Still, the ability to freely transact globally without relying on a centralized system allowed criminals to take advantage of the new technology.

        Why was it blacklisted? 

        There are many crypto scams globally, and 0Chain has been named one. There was an increase in complaints towards 0Chain involving issues such as not being able to withdraw, problems in settling obligations towards the clients, and a decrease in the balance of clients. The company has been subjected to a questionable license due to rising concerns regarding having an offshore license issued through a third-party regulator. Top-quality support is the key to a company’s success, but 0Chain seemed to fall short. Only they do not have an authentic license, but 0Chain has also been proved guilty of not complying with general trading regulations in the region. You are expected to trust your broker, but what if that broker lacks all those qualities, which can make rates higher of the trust factor associated with them?

        In addition to this, we live in a social media world. Our lives constantly revolve around it, and unfortunately, it has the power to make or break an individual. It can take seconds to ruin someone’s reputation, especially if they are a broker company. How is that so? Sadly, people tend to believe whatever they see on social media. Thus it would take just a few exaggerated complaints to create hype which would be enough to take a company down. Therefore, rising stories against 0Chain on social media and news, communicated through regulators and experts in the industry, eventually led to the company’s closure.

        Further examination revealed that both of 0Chain’s founders are residents of the United States and reside in California. This information is unfortunately not available on 0Chain’s official website. 0Chain is a new cryptocurrency that was launched in 2017. The official website also features a 0Chain road map and announces partnerships with Alphabet and others. There is no information on how or why they joined Chain, though.

        scam keyboard

        Why isn’t it recommended to trade on it?

        The whitepaper of 0Chain illuminates various technical aspects of the services it offers; however, it is devoid of any legal registration information. It invariably signifies that 0Chain wishes to conceal its genuine nature behind meaningless technological promises to traders. In trading, the importance of legality and ingenuity is paramount. This broker does not follow the rules. 0Chain has also been reported as a fraud on various discussion forums and scam-resolving communities.

        Also, we know who the founder of 0Chain is, but we have no idea where this broker is based. Time to cut off 0Chain today!

        Alfa Tech

        AlfaTech is an online brokerage company and an offshore entity owned by Nemesis Capital Ltd, registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadine. It offers Crypto, CFDs, commodities, and indices to trade. Considering their website, AlfaTech does not fall under any regulating agency. It is one of the giant red flags!! Thus, it is another unregulated broker company where customers are not protected.  Registration of the company took place in August 2019 but expired in 2020 due to blacklisting. For now, the company is illegally known as a scam investment trade program.

        Why isn’t it recommended to trade on this website? 

        AlfaTech works with a website that offers automated trading software, and this is not only another red flag, but these types of websites are too notoriously known for scams. It was blacklisted for many reasons, such as brokers getting away with your hard-earned money primarily because there was no regulating agency to hold them responsible. 

        They call people and persuade them to make the initial minimum deposit in any conceivable method to steal that money later. Moreover, they come up with fake deals too far away to be genuine. For example, they make fake promises such as ‘we will double your initial deposit, or you are about to make $100 easily per day. Even worse, after making the initial deposit, people become victims to a ‘smart scammer’ known as a retention agent as they are transferred to it to get more money.

        They have duped consumers into investing in bogus foreign currency schemes. They frequently advertise once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to invest where market makers can make large profits in a short period. Then they often vanish after receiving money, leaving investors without anything. You should look for a broker before you start trading on the forex with companies like AlfaTech. It is critical to browse out there for a broker before actually deciding on one, and you should bear in mind that not every broker is trustworthy. So, how would you tell the difference between genuine brokers and con artists? You can start by reading broker evaluations and information about brokers posted on forums; however, these reviews may have hidden agendas, so it’s worth trying a more objective approach.

        Moreover, one of the hideous things AlfaTech practices is that they let you sign a Managed Account Agreement (MAA), which gives them the right to do anything they want on your account. One can not even take action against them when they lose their money. People are encouraged to withdraw their funds as soon as possible because it has never been safe to work with an unregulated broker. 

        lock hacking

        What do people have to say about this company?

        People have shared their negative experiences to a large extent. They say that AlfaTech never lets you withdraw your money no matter what amount of profits you make. They just keep delaying the process for months, and if the time limit reaches six months, one cannot request a withdrawal leading to a massive loss of your money. Moreover, since AlfaTech accepted bitcoin as the only mode of payment, it made it even riskier to trace any scam. At first, they assured clients that their money was safe, but no information was disclosed to prove it. One of the clients, Sakib, mentions his experience in the following words: ‘AlfaTech is a bunch of shameless liars that cannot be trusted as all their promises are a road towards losing money. I deposited 500 USD and traded up to an 800 USD account balance. Later, when I requested a withdrawal of 200 USD, they began to blackmail me and blocked my account. What is even worse is that they insisted on depositing more.‘ Another client mentioned that AlfaTech contacted him themselves. They kept on calling and pressured him into investing his $450 that he never got back. The reason they gave was platform malfunction. Scammers!

        Thus, contact a recovery agency ASAP if you have already invested in AlfaTech and they have scammed you. Keep emails as proof to show you have been requesting the money from them, and they are delaying the process for too long. Contact your bank to let them know how you are deceived into investing in a company that is not even regulated. It is evident that the chances of earning money through online trading can look very pleasing but can be a lot more dangerous than it seems. 


        Airbon is a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers a cutting-edge, high-tech hybrid platform, according to its LinkedIn page. Airbon was established in the year 2018. It claims that, unlike most exchanges, Airbon has a unique position in the blockchain market by supplying four modules under a single platform to provide diverse services to its customers. Let’s dig deeper into these statements to discover how trustworthy they are.

        Is Airbon a legit company? 

        Airbon trading is a blatant rip-off. Like many other con artists, they levy exorbitant withdrawal fees that do not include service fees. You can’t get any money out of your account. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) advises UK investors not to invest with this broker in general. The Forex broker, on the other hand, lacks the requisite FCA authorization. The VFSC has granted the Forex broker a license. However, this is inadequate to sell financial services or goods in the United Kingdom or Europe. Airbon has a reputation for being aggressive with customers, pressing them to participate in specific trades.

        Why should you avoid Airbon at all costs?

        Airbon was discovered to be operating under dubious and unethical tactics due to its regulatory status and unusual terms of service. Users should avoid dealing with this firm and contact them right away to get their money back if they have already done so. If you’ve had a terrible experience with Airbon, you’ve almost probably been scammed or are a fraud victim. We propose registering a complaint and reporting a scam against Airbon as a first step in retrieving your payments. Don’t believe Airbon is genuine just because you were greeted by a kind chatbot when you first came on the website or because the broker paid you special attention in the first several weeks. This isn’t to suggest you shouldn’t try; trading can be safe and reliable in many situations, but only if you choose the right broker. A good broker should be regulated, have a good reputation, offer reasonable trading conditions, and provide excellent customer support.

        ​​Because of a lack of information and unregulated Airbon, funds are at risk. This is why you should learn more about Airbon before creating an account, mailing money, or submitting any papers. To begin trading with Airbon, the information supplied above is insufficient. A list of several Airbon people is also missing from the Airbon support page, which many other brokers, particularly scammers, do not give.

        What do past clients of Airbon have to say about this company?

        Some traders claim that Airbon will charge them a large commission if they switch brokers. According to rumors, Airbon has refused to repay money to investors. Some investors have expressed unhappiness, stating that their loans have not proceeded despite making payments and that no mortgage specialist has stepped forward to help them resolve their problems. Some investors have reported that they have been unable to contact the company’s support service despite multiple tries. They report that they get no response when they try to contact them via email or on their website. Clearly, this is not a good sign. Investors have expressed dissatisfaction with their inability to transfer money from their Airbon account to their bank account before withdrawing their funds. It’s also critical for traders to determine whether or not it’s genuine. They end up losing all of their hard-earned money as a result.

        Airbon did not include their real address in the contact section. However, suppose the broker no longer provides contact channels such as email, phone, text messaging, and chat and has a support staff that does not appear to understand the transaction or asks evasive questions. In that case, this could be a sign of a scam or a low-quality broker. During our preliminary research on this broker, we found a flood of Airbon reviews talking about poor customer service after the initial deposit.

        investing to crypto currency


        This broker, which the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission regulates, offers investors a complete trading environment with a vast array of assets, platforms, trading options, and markets to meet the needs of all types of traders, from beginners to specialists. Bimcoin, like many other reliable brokers, offers a choice of account types to meet the needs of a wide range of traders, from beginners to specialists. These account options may appeal to you. Nevertheless, Bim Coin is a total scam, and you should stay away from it.

        Is Bim Coin a legit company? 

        Bimcoin is a scam. Broker terminations and issues joining Bimcoin have been common for many years, and they are becoming more often as financial fraud becomes more prevalent. We found a flood of Bimcoin reviews complaining about poor customer service after the initial withdrawal during our early study on this broker.

        While these platforms may be advantageous to other brokers, Bimcoin engages in illegal trading, and traders have trouble withdrawing funds. All investors and traders should avoid Bimcoin and other Vanuatu brokers. Make sure any trading items you come across during your Bimcoin research are authorized to exchange the things they offer.

        Reasons for this organization being blacklisted? 

        It’s conceivable that you’ve fallen victim to a broker scam if you’re having trouble logging into Bimcoin. After opening an account and making money, Bimcoin won’t let you withdraw your funds. Bimcoin offers several account types to cater to the needs of all types of traders, from beginners to specialists. These account alternatives might appeal to you. Trading on Bimcoin, on the other hand, is a pure cheap knock. Make sure that any fees charged by Bimcoin for withdrawals, deposits, or inactive accounts are in line with industry standards. Bimcoin’s license will almost probably be canceled if it is a no-withdrawal broker. Obviously, you profit from certain transactions but wait until you try to cash out. If Bimcoin wants to keep your funds, it may try to force you to do another transaction when you request a withdrawal. This is to prevent people from withdrawing money if they have been scammed. Make sure that whatever trading items you find in the Bimcoin reviews have gotten authority to trade the products they offer. When reading this Bimcoin review, be extremely wary if they just offer their proprietary platform and no other solutions.

        What do past clients of Bim Coin have to say about this company?

        Bimcoin customer reviews are insane! They do scam themselves but blame the victim. How low could a company get!? They are known to constantly delay clients’ payments and then block their accounts because they think the person is a scammer. It is nothing less than victim-blaming. In these words, another client shared their experience ‘I had three accounts, and brokers at Bimcoin constantly blocked them. My balance was around $28,500, which shocked me to the core. I repeatedly tried to contact them, and finally, after constant trying, they replied, indicating that they blocked my accounts because I allegedly abused trading using arbitrage.’ Woah!

        Bimcoin came with suspicious indications such as unsolicited offers; they asked for one’s sensitive data or money. They also portrayed  ‘Risk-free’ investing where they claimed to offer risk-free investment, which was a hoax! Also, they promised unreasonably huge returns on your initial investment. Lastly, they urged you to contribute right away, offering perks or discounts.

        Thus, investors need to look up complaints against Bimcoin before they invest because, let’s agree, nobody wants to be trapped. Many clients have complained that the brokers at Bimcoin charge vast sums of commission when they change brokers to work with one another. Many of them have complained about the company refusing to refund funds to their investors. Poor investors made vast sums of payments, but there has been no progress on their loans, nor did any mortgage expert come forward to help them solve their problems.

        Scams will undoubtedly continue to exist as long as people fall for them. By following the guidelines below, you can safeguard yourself and your bank account. 

        1. Take your time and avoid making hasty financial decisions, as you would with any other form of CryptoCurrency Investment. Hire an advisor who can teach you about trading and assist you in creating a comprehensive financial plan.
        2. Make sure you finish your homework. Everything should be read and inspected. Always read the fine print, whether it comes in an email, a text, or something else. If an offer appears to be suspect or too good to be true, it most likely is. 

        Personal information should not be shared. Scammers can gain access to practically every facet of your life if they have the correct information. This includes taking your identity as well as money and other accounts. Never give up account information, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, or passwords to strangers unless you know who they are and the request is valid.

        cyptocurrency coin justice

        Capital Expanse 

        In 2018, Capital Expanse was founded and registered in Latvia (with a representative office in Moscow). On September 22, 2017, the domain name was registered. There is no information on the website about who owns the company. Red Flag Alert! Even though Capital Expanse does not offer retail products, members can affiliate with them and promote their membership. They offered to provide funding, mining, stake, and trading facilities. The broker pays referral commissions, and membership is given entirely based on recommendations, indicating a Ponzi scam. According to the broker, a trading script generates a return on investment. On their website, however, there is no proof of this script.

        Capital Expanse; a scam or not?

        Capital Expanse currency has been highlighted as a potential crypto fraud since it is operating without a proper regulatory financial license. Thus, it has also been added to the list of defunct coins due to scams or other issues. The name of the company’s founder and CEO remains unknown. According to the most recent bitcoin Capital Expanse review, the company is functioning illegally and without proper financial regulatory authorization.

        Should You Invest With Capital Expanse?

        Do not even think of investing your cryptocurrency in Capital Expanse. Why? Read below. Traditional financial systems are home to an infinite number of frauds, although victims usually have some recourse through the banking system. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies are not like that. Without support or insurance coverage, victims are left with the devastating loss of their digital goods. Capital Expanse is a secretive brokerage firm that refuses to reveal any trading proof or how they make money. Capital Expanse has its own currency, CapX, which is only used within the firm. The broker’s only source of income is from newly invested funds suggestions. Capital Expanse is a Ponzi scheme because it leverages newly invested cash to pay existing clients a daily return.

        In addition to this, Capital Expanse claims to profit from a “trading script.” Naturally, there is no evidence that this script exists. Capital Expanse also doesn’t provide any evidence of the script’s outside revenue being used to pay affiliates. On the other hand, Capital Expanse is aimed toward “the average user who isn’t conversant with the (cryptocurrency) environment.” The only demonstrable source of revenue entering Capital Expanse is newly invested funds. Capital Expanse is a Ponzi scheme since it pays existing affiliates a daily return on newly contributed monies.

        Administrators (typically anonymous) sell worthless pre-generated points for cash. In this case, it’s CAPX points. The administrators then use a portion of this money to pay new affiliates’ promised ROIs for as long as they sign up. When affiliate recruiting dries up, so does the ROI reserve. When a predetermined threshold is reached, the anonymous Capital Expanse admins pull a runner with what’s left. Early Capital Expanse investors make a lot of money (mostly via recruitment of new investors). The truth is that, like any other Ponzi scam, most participants lose money in the end.

        How to protect yourself from brokers like Capital Expanse?

        It is never a smart idea to work with an unregulated broker. This is due to the fact that there is no reason why a broker should not be licensed. It is not good to work with a low-tier broker because they lack the necessary qualifications and oversight. Even in these circumstances, the broker considered obtaining a license critical. Those who do not have any kind of license try to get away with doing things without being caught.

        If Capital Expanse suddenly announces withdrawal fees that aren’t stated anywhere on the website or in the contract, be skeptical. You may see that fees, spreads, and commissions are higher than the industry standard if they are disclosed. To figure out the allowed range for fees, commissions, and spreads, you can conduct some research online or speak with one of our experts.

        Don’t trust Capital Expanse just because you were greeted by a kind chatbot when you first landed on the site or because the broker paid you close attention for the first few weeks. You may have even looked to make money on some trades, but wait till you try to cash out.

        If you are a victim of a cryptocurrency scam and need help in getting your money back then please reach out to us to help you!

        Lost money to online fraud? We will recover your funds !

          We only process cases of more than $5000

          Can Crypto Scams Be Avoided? Yes!

          As a result of the cryptocurrency boom, scams using cryptocurrencies have exploded in recent years. According to Elliptic, a crypto asset risk management firm, decentralized finance (DeFi) users and investors have lost $10.5 billion due to theft and fraud as of November 2021, up sevenfold from $1.5 billion in 2020. Thus, considering the biggest blacklisted crypto companies above, we recommend keeping the money only needed for upcoming transactions in the hot wallet. Also, transactions could be done publicly amongst the local crypto community members. Moreover, maintaining the assets in software wallets such as mobile and desktop is recommended. Not to ignore, printing out the private keys for your coins on paper could be a great way too! If we look at the situation currently, some countries like China have tried to ban trading in cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, Japan has taken a lighter approach as the government started licensing the exchanges. This is why so many sources still claim that Coincheck is a safe choice, as these licenses that Japan issues are strict. Nevertheless, it may seem impossible to halt scams altogether, but a balancing approach through effective regulations and tight security could mitigate the chances of scams occurring in the first place.

          Taking measures and looking for particular claims could help you figure out who to avoid. For example, scammers are experts at making big claims with no details or explanation. You should know that intelligent people in business require detailed information to understand where they are putting their money which requires investment advisors to share their knowledge. If they don’t, it is evident that it’s a scam. Business plans for the future and their rules and regulations need to be highly considered. It is essential to know that the company you are investing in has real people behind it. Also, it is not guaranteed if you will make money or profit from cryptocurrency investment. Thus, if someone promises you this too, it is a scam. Do not even trust a celebrity testimonial because those can be easily faked in such a case. Therefore, remain alert, and before you invest, carry out thorough research. Perhaps, looking for reviews, scams, and complaints could prove helpful. It is always beneficial to know what others are saying! Suppose you are an individual thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies; research how to remain safe from phishing attacks before investing. One should always look out for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes because actual companies do not have any. Companies use a single domain for their URLs and email, so taking a close look when checking email’s legitimacy could be helpful. Lastly, if it seems suspicious, it probably is. 

          Crypto scams are indeed endless. We know that they make you extremely rich, but you cannot ignore the severe consequences of fraud. Thus, Funds Trace encourages every business, big or small, to come to them if they have been scammed. They also guide where to get help and how to protect yourself from scams. Visit their website and spread the word to your loved ones to keep them safe in this emerging market before beginning your crypto investment. Stay Safe! 

          Lost money to online fraud? We will recover your funds !

            We only process cases of more than $5000

            We do understand that you’ve already been scammed online and that you’re naturally afraid of paying online. This is why we do offer a free case review, and won’t charge anything if your case isn’t qualified. Please do your part of the deal, and submit your case only if you truly intend to proceed with the recovery process.

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