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Someone is committing medical identity theft when they use your personal information, most often a Medicare or health insurance number, in order to acquire medical care, prescriptions, or medical devices, file claims, or obtain benefits in your name. 

Medical Records

Identity theft can result in much more financial harm than just financial loss. The culpability of consumers under federal law is normally limited to $50 for fraudulent charges made on credit cards; however, there are no equivalent protections for a stolen medical identity. The Ponemon Institute, a research company specializing in cybersecurity, conducted a study of victims of medical ID theft in 2015 and found that those who lost money paid an average of $13,500 to remedy the situation. This cost included both medical and legal expenses.

It is going to be a lot more difficult to undo the harm. According to a report published in 2017, the World Privacy Forum stated that the financial and personal complications “can endure for years.” The report also stated that many victims suffered “long-term problems with aggressive medical debt collection” and severely impaired credit due to phony bills. Because identity thieves used their victims’ information to stockpile prescription medicines, some of them have even been prosecuted.

It is possible for it to cause treatment delays, improper prescriptions, and wrong diagnoses, all of which can be detrimental to both your health and your wallet. According to information provided by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), “If a scammer obtains treatment in your name, that person’s health concerns could become a part of your medical record. It could affect your ability to seek medical care and the benefits provided by your insurance, and it could even affect the judgments made by doctors who treat you in the future.

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    Warning Signs of Identity Theft You Should Be Aware of!

    • A medical bill arrives in the mail for treatment that you did not receive.
    • A debt collector contacts you regarding a medical bill that you are not responsible for.
    • The information on your credit report pertains to medical expenses that you are unfamiliar with.
    • An explanation of benefits (EOB) from your insurer or a Medicare Summary Notice may include information about office visits or treatment that you did not receive but for which you were charged.
    • Your health insurance provider has informed you that you have exhausted all of your available benefits, citing the treatments or services that you did not receive.
    • Someone contacts you by phone or email and requests your Medicare or insurance number as part of a “survey” regarding medical care or in order to make a free offer of medical goods or services.

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    How to Prevent Yourself from Falling Victim to Medical Scams?

    Medical Scams

    Before tossing away any documents that include medical information, including prescription paperwork, physician statements, and obsolete insurance forms, you should be sure to shred them first. Make sure that any electronic copies of these records are kept in a safe place.

    Review explanations of benefits (EOBs), medical invoices, and any other correspondence you get from medical providers and insurance. Notify your insurance provider as soon as possible if you notice anything that looks fishy, such as a doctor’s name or treatment date that you are unfamiliar with.

    Do make sure that you ask your insurance for a complete list of benefits that have been paid out in your name at least once a year.

    Checking your credit reports is a good idea. You are eligible to receive one free report per week from each of the three reporting agencies up until the end of the year 2022. If you think you’ve been the victim of medical fraud, you should request copies of your medical records and move swiftly to fix any errors (see More Resources, below). Although you have the legal right to obtain copies of your medical records from your healthcare providers, you may be required to pay a fee.

    It is imperative that you submit a police report and provide copies of the report to your medical providers, insurers, and credit bureaus. If an identity thief starts utilizing your information for fraudulent purposes, this can assist protect you from that.

    Key Takeaways!

    Do not immediately accept offers of free medical services or products, particularly if they are accompanied by a request for your Medicare or health plan number.

    You should never discuss your medical history or insurance coverage over the phone or in an email unless you were the one who began the conversation and is sure of the person you are dealing with.

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