45 Year Old Loses $15,000 in A Scam Forex Deal – But The Global Payback Steps in To Help Her!

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Scams are happening in forex trading. People are always coming up with new and innovative ways to scam people and get hold of their money. It seems like they are not coming to an end! But with Global Payback, you can catch the scammers and get back your investment. 

We had a case of Liza Noam, who is 45 years old lady. She is very talented and highly educated. She is a professor at Southampton Solent University and also gives home tuition. But we should not judge a person because these scammers are so persuasive, and in times of trouble, anyone can be caught in this trap, no matter how competent the person is! 

Liza was so worried because she did not know about trading, and some scammers offered her an exceptional package that was highly profitable. As we know that Liza did not require money before these scammers approached her, but after that, she got robbed. Her friend suggested earning money and becoming rich in days is all we should do in this era. 

But nothing went as they had planned. All Liza’s hard-earned money was now lost. She desperately visited some “money recovery claimers,” but again, she lost her money in a way to get back her previous money. Her friend also deceived her as she did not reach her for months. She had tried for months to get back her money, but all in vain.

The Day Comes after the Night & Liza Realises She Has Lost More Than $15,000!

Liza’s sister saw us on google. Liza had no hope when her sister contacted us. We assured them that we would do whatever to recover her money as this is how Global Payback helps people. We had set up a meeting for her with one of the best recovery-specialist in our company. 

Our specialist listened to her thoroughly, consoled her, and gave all the information about how Forex Trade System works and how Forex-Trading Scamming System works. At this point, only consolatory words would not help Liza, so our specialist asked for all her documents and the proof she had against that scammer company. 

We assured her that Global Payback is a regulated company that works with FCA and other Government authorities to catch these kinds of scammers. After a detailed meeting, she became able to gather herself up and think positively. Her sister was very cooperative in consoling her and giving her hope. 

After two-three meetings with her, our team was fortunate to track the scammers. Although monitoring these kinds of scammers and getting back money from them is a very long procedure, in this case, our team recovered 20 percent of the invested amount in a few days. 

Liza got to hope when we handed her first recovery. Our team recovered 90 percent of the investment amount in three installments in three months. And still, we are trying to recover her last 10 percent. Liza is so happy now and is also beware of these scammers.

Key Takeaways!

If you know anyone who got scammed, refer them to Global Payback. And if anyone told you to do business with Forex Trading. You must know all the information about this and how the scams happen in this field. 

You should only work with regulated companies; if you get scammed by anyone, you should go to regulated money-recovery claimer companies.

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